The Stage Show

The Stage Show combines a variety of Robb's signature routines into a compelling and highly entertaining show. More than a dozen audience members are recruited throughout the show to participate in baffling demonstrations of mind reading, sightless vision and impossible coincidences. As with all of Robb's shows, The Stage Show will be customized to your needs based on the audience, venue, organization and event theme.

Events: Fundraisers, Dinners, Corporate Events, Conferences
Audience Size: 50 - 600
Show Length: 40 - 50 minutes

The Appearance

For events where time or space is limited, Robb offers "The Appearance", a mini-show that doesn't require a full stage. Robb can perform in the middle of a crowd, completely surrounded, if need be. In "The Appearance", Robb will perform a few "ice breaker" routines and then a single blockbuster routine that will leave your event attendees speechless! For fundraisers, Robb can design a "challenge routine" that can raise hundreds of additional dollars in just a few minutes.

Events: Fundraisers, Dinners, Conferences, Weddings
Audience Size: 50 - 200
Show Length: 20 - 25 minutes

"The Psychic Experience"

For small gatherings, Robb offers "The Psychic Experience". This show is intimate and highly interactive. In addition to his astonishing demonstrations of mind reading, Robb will unleash the psychic powers of your guests. They will learn how to use a pendulum to "divine the future", read a friend's mind and heighten their intuitive powers. It's a fun and entertaining time for everyone, believers and skeptics alike.

Events: Parties, Dinners
Audience Size: 15 - 30
Show Length: 45 mins - 1 hour

Custom Shows

In addition to the above options, Robb also creates custom shows for your event and audience. Robb will work with you to determine the show's theme, structure and duration. Robb can create a show that will work for any occasion and venue... weddings, graduation parties, even birthday parties... Robb can do it. Contact Robb today to learn more.